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JUNE 2010

JUN 25

 Waseley Hills Walk

  posted on June 25, 2010 15:02 as Year 4

On Wednesday, 24th June 2010, Year 4 spent the day on the Waseley Hills.
The aim of the day was to explore their local habitat, as this is their topic in Science for the half term.
On top of the Waseley Hills
While up there, they were able to hear and see a number of different birds ranging from pigeons, magpies, blackbirds and a large buzzard.
They also got to do some sketching of the fantastic view and enjoy the open space.
Enjoying the Waseley Centre
They ate their picnic lunch at the Waseley Centre and had lots of fun afterwards on the adventure playground.
Fun in the adventure playground
The weather was fantastic, the views were amazing, and everyone had a great day.
View of Holywell from the hills

JUN 24

 Bell Boating Regatta 2010

  posted on June 24, 2010 14:20 as Year 4

Holywell Year 4 Makes Waves!
June 22nd 2010. On a beautiful sunny day on Upton Warren Lake, 240 children from schools all around Worcestershire gathered together for the annual Bell Boating Regatta. All 24 teams had to row the whole length of the lake twice. Both times would be added together, with the quickest 3 teams going into the final race.
Holywell Team briefing
Before Holywell were due to race, the team had the opportunity  to climb the bell button pole. The first part of the climb was up a very tall ladder. Then they climbed the last 5 metres by using the small grips on the pole.
Climbing the bell button pole
The terrifying final part of the challenge was to stand on the tiny top of the pole and wave to the people way below! Amazingly, all the Holywell pupils completed the challenge and were voted "Bravest School of the Day" by the instructors.
Top of the pole 2010
11:44am soon arrived and an excited Holywell crew put on their lifejackets and boarded the boat for our first race. We lined up at the start, determined to do a fast opening time. The starter shouted "Ready, steady" and as the loud horn blew, we started to paddle furiously. Suddenly, we heard a loud bang! Disaster struck! The boat next to us had made a steering mistake and crashed into us. We recovered well and finished our first run with a time of 1 minute 56 seconds. We were 11th fastest and a little disappointed, but really glad the crash had not cost us more time.
All Aboard Team Holywell !
After a short break we prepared to race again, knowing that we would need to do something a little special to qualify in the top 3 and make the final. Once again we lined up and the moment the horn screeched, we pulled away. The whole crew rowed with all their might, as we pulled further and further away from the other boats. The gun sounded as we crossed the line and the excited referee raced over to tell us that we had achieved the quickest time of the morning, 1 minute 37 seconds. Mr. Harrigan was very proud of the Holywell team, who cheered on and encouraged the other teams who had finished behind us.
Streaking across the lake
After a nervous wait, we finally found out that we had made it to the fastest three finishers, and that we would be in the final race of the day. Holywell proudly took their place at the start of the final race. Over 500 spectators lined the shore waiting to watch the outcome of the Grand Final. Once again, the starter blew his horn and all the teams started rowing, finding power and energy they did not realise they had. All three finalists were very even at the start, but by the halfway stage, it was just Holywell and Finstall left in it. Both teams gave their all, but as the finish line approached, Finstall just edged us to take top spot.
Second place and a personal best
However, Holywell were not sad at all. We had finished second out of 24 teams and we had broken our personal best time in the final, with:
1 minute, 29 seconds !!!
Holywell received a huge cheer and much applause from the spectators, as they were presented with their certificates and shield. Mr. Harrigan and Mrs Harford could not have been more proud of our pupils and their magnificent teamwork. They certainly earned their success.

JUN 15

 The Think Tank

  posted on June 15, 2010 11:02 as Year 4

The Think Tank is an amazing place. It is like a museum but you can actually touch stuff! There are also five galleries to look at and an IMAX cinema where you can watch films in 3D (what a great place!)
Watching a news report
Anyway, on April 21st when 4JD and 4JM went, they had a great time. Firstly, they went to a gallery called The Street. They looked at things like recycling, police work and builders' work. After that, they went to a gallery called The Wildlife. They looked at a crocodile's skeleton, polar bear blubber and lots of other animals and their skeletons.
Finding out about recycling
The next gallery was called All About Me. They liked this one very much since they are learning about bodies in Science. They looked at things like the large intestines and the heart. Next they went to a gallery called The City. They looked at the old life of Birmingham and the old cars.
Investigating the heart
After a very short lunch, they went to the IMAX cinema and watched a great film called Sea Monsters. The final gallery was called The Past. They looked at all the old cars, trams and bikes; they even watched an exhibit which showed how to make a Jaguar car!
Finding out about Birmingham during WW2
Overall, they had a great time and you should go too, as it is absolutely fantastic!
Written by a Year 4 pupil.

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